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Trellix Email Security

Corporate mail is one of the most critical communication channels for any business. Employees use it to transmit necessary data, such as financial information, confidential documents or trade secrets.

That is why corporate mail is almost the most popular attack vector. And that is why its protection is one of the most essential tasks for any company.

Ruslan Utchenko, Senior Engineer at BAKOTECH, revealed the most important things about email protection with Trellix Email Security.

Learn how to protect yourself from the most popular attacks!

Trellix is:

  • Modern architecture and approaches to information security

  • Complete Integrated Security

  • High efficiency against sophisticated and targeted attacks

  • Integration of Trellix solutions among themselves and with solutions from other vendors

  • Automation of information security processes

  • Single console for managing on-premises and cloud infrastructure

  • Fewer maintenance resources and lower cost of ownership

Cybersecurity Platform Trellix XDR:


Endpoint Security

Protect and empower your workforce with an integrated security framework that protects every endpoint. Trellix Endpoint Security (ENS) solutions apply proactive threat intelligence and defenses across the entire attack lifecycle to keep your organization safer and more resilient.

Solutions: Endpoint/Server Protection (ENS) Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Endpoint Forensics (HX)Application and Change Control Virtualization Protection (MOVE) Mobile Security MV6 TREX1


Network Security 

Detect the undetectable and stop evasive attacks. Trellix Network Detection and Response (NDR) helps your team focus on real attacks, contain intrusions with speed and intelligence, and eliminate your cybersecurity weak points.

Solutions: Trellix Network Security (NX) Trellix Network Forensics (PX) Trellix Network Intrusion Prevention System Investigation Analysis (IA) Trellix NDR


Malware Аnalysis

Gain hands-on control of powerful, autoconfigured test environments with Trellix Malware Analysis. You can safely execute and inspect malware, zero-day, and advanced persistent threat (APTs) attacks embedded in web pages, email attachments, and files.

Solutions: Trellix Intelligent Sandbox (TIS / AX / MVX) Detection as a Service (DaaS)


SecOps and Analytics 

Make your organization more resilient and confident with Trellix Security Operations. Filter out the noise and cut complexity to deliver faster, more effective SecOps. Integrate your existing security tools and connect with over 650 Trellix solutions and third-party products.

Solutions: Trellix HelixTrellix InsightsTrellix ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)Trellix Security AnalyticsTrellix Threat Intelligence ExchangeTrellix Advanced Correlation EngineTrellix Global Threat Intelligence


Data Protection 

Empower your enterprise to discover, monitor, and protect sensitive data, centralize management and reporting, and synchronize on-premises and cloud policies. Gain confidence that your sensitive data is safe with Trellix Data Protection solutions.

Solutions: Trellix Data Loss Prevention Trellix Data Encryption Database Security


Email Security 

Trellix Email Security provides industry-leading detection to identify, isolate, and immediately stop ransomware, business email compromise, spear phishing, impersonation, and attachment-based attacks before they enter your environment.

Solutions: Trellix Email Security – Server Trellix Email Security – Cloud Trellix Email Security


Cloud Security 

Elevate your security with cloud-delivered infrastructure and email solutions to stay safe no matter where your assets are located. You’ll get complete visibility, proactive protection, and scalability to fuel growth and optimize costs.

Solutions: Trellix Cloudvisory Trellix Detection as a Service Trellix Cloud Workload Security

Trellix Solutions Map

Trellix XDR platform includes a whole complex of modern solutions allowing detection and response to cybersecurity incidents at different levels of the infrastructure and taking into account all possible attack vectors.
Trellix XDR reduces risk, cost, complexity and payback time. Built on AI, the platform helps leverage SOC resources, consolidate tools, and accelerate decision-making.

Recordings of the online discussion series webinars Trellix Cyber Spring

Culture of corporate data security. Trellix DLP 

NextGen network protection with Trellix IPS

Trellix Email Security vs Phishing. Preventing Email Threats 

SIEM vs hackers. SOC based on Trellix SIEM 

Trellix Blog


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BAKOTECH has become the new Trellix brand ambassador!

BAKOTECH was honoured as Trellix's EMEA brand ambassador at the annual #Xpand Live Partner Summit!


Follina Vulnerability in Microsoft Office: guide on detection and prevention

In this article, we will take a closer look at the CVE-2022-30190 vulnerability, consider why it is dangerous, and how to protect against it with Trellix solutions.

Trellix's XDR is a comprehensive platform that enables detection and response to cybersecurity incidents at different levels of infrastructure and considering all possible attack vectors. The platform consists of the following components:
● Endpoint Protection / Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)● Network Detection and Response (NDR)● E-mail & Collaboration Security● Data Protection● Cloud Security● SecOps and Analytics● Malware Analysis● Central Management
In the video, Ruslan Utchenko, Trellix Solutions Technical Specialist, talks about the Trellix portfolio of solutions and how they integrate into the XDR platform. You'll learn how the solutions work, what tasks they fulfill, and what integration options are available between the platform's solutions and those of other vendors, forming the revolutionary Trellix XDR cybersecurity platform.

Is your infrastructure ready for network attacks?
NDR (Network Detection and Response) is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor your network and respond quickly to potential threats.

You may not even know how vulnerable your network is and what threats may await you in the future. But we suggest that you prepare well and leave no chance for hackers.

A new video by BAKOTECH Senior Engineer Ruslan Utchenko is devoted to protecting against network attacks and the potential of the Trellix IPS solution.

Learn how NDR by Trellix can make your network more secure and efficient!

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