Network Detection and Response:

What You Need to Know About Network Protection

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to think twice about your network security. You could operate with complete confidence, knowing your entire infrastructure is safe and sound. But cyberbreaches are an unfortunate reality for organizations both big and small.
And as threats grow more sophisticated and complex, businesses are forced to deal with their many adverse impacts—from system downtime and financial penalties to reputational loss.

Five must-haves for advanced cyberbreach protection

For your organization to protect its infrastructure and rise above cyberbreaches and other dynamic attacks, you need a living, learning network security solution—one that empowers you to:

1. Detect and prevent threats other products miss.

2. Proactively respond to and quickly contain incidents.

3. Quantify incident impact and improve response quality.

4. Adapt to the constantly evolving threat landscape.

5. Scale as your business changes and grows.

Harness the power of Network Detection and Response

NDR uses behavioral techniques like machine learning and advanced analytics to detect network anomalies and analyze raw traffic and flow records to establish baseline network behavior patterns. It allows your team to examine traffic as it crosses the perimeter (north/south) and moves laterally throughout your network (east/west). It also enables you to take advantage of response capabilities to remediate the threat of suspicious network traffic.

Trust Trellix to protect your network

The Trellix Network Detection and Response solution gives you everything you need to ensure the ongoing safety of your hybrid networks, data centers, and servers.

Our living security solutions provide your organization with the ability to:
● Detect the undetectable

Gain improved visibility into all network traffic. Locate zero-day, ransomware, and other attacks hiding in your hybrid network infrastructure. Correlate events across multiple security vectors— including email, endpoint, and more—for end-to-end protection.
● Reduce mean time to detect and respond

Harness the power of AI, machine learning, and correlation engines to monitor attacks around the clock. Give your SecOps staff the contextual intelligence and concrete evidence they need to quickly and accurately resolve incidents. Automate alert-response workflows to speed time to resolution.
● Improve process and employee efficiencies

Empower your security analysts by reducing alert volume and alleviating alert fatigue. Prioritize alerts and free up your staff so they can focus their efforts on the threats that matter most. Take advantage of automated response capabilities to minimize manual errors and maximize employee productivity.

Introducing the Trellix Network Detection and Response

Whether you need to inspect network traffic, block advanced threats, or streamline attack investigations, Trellix has you covered.

Trellix Intrusion Prevention System 

No matter where intruders are hiding, Trellix Intrusion Prevention System can help you find them—and keep them out for good. With advanced threat prevention capabilities, you can continuously monitor your network for malicious activity and block intrusions the moment you identify them.

Trellix IPS combines intelligent threat prevention with intuitive security management to improve detection accuracy and streamline security operations. Your network faces advanced attacks that can evade traditional detection methods—which is why our IPS layers multiple signature and signature-less detection engines to help prevent unwanted malware from wreaking havoc on your network. It performs deep inspection of network traffic using a combination of advanced technologies, including full protocol analysis, threat reputation, and behavior analysis to detect and protect against malware callbacks, denial-of-service (DoS), zero-day attacks, and other advanced threats.

Trellix Network Security 

Automatically spot suspicious network behavior and prevent attacks that elude traditional signature- and policy-based security. Combining multiple AI, machine learning, and correlation engines, Trellix Network Security allows you to detect and respond to advanced threats and lateral movements in a matter of minutes.

With Network Security, your organization is effectively protected against today’s threats, whether they:

● Exploit Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X operating systems, or application vulnerabilities● Are directed at the headquarters or branch offices● Are hidden in a large volume of inbound internet traffic that must be inspected in real time

At the core of Network Security are the Trellix Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) and dynamic machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. MVX is a signature-less, dynamic analysis engine that inspects suspicious network traffic to identify attacks that evade traditional signature- and policy-based defenses. Multiple machine learning, AI, and correlation engines represent a collection of contextual dynamic rules engines that detect and block malicious activity in real time and retroactively, based on the latest machine, attacker, and victim intelligence.

Trellix Network Forensics 

Get to the bottom of the threats impacting your organization. Trellix Network Forensics enables you to better quantify the impact of an attack and improve the quality of your response. Plus, you can visualize events before, during, and after an attack to keep incidents from happening again and again.

Network Forensics allows you to identify and resolve security incidents faster by capturing and indexing full packets at high speeds. With Network Forensics, you can detect a broad range of security incidents, improve your response quality, and precisely quantify the impact of each incident. Part of Network Forensics, investigation analysis appliances reveal hidden threats and accelerate incident response by

adding a centralized workbench with an easy-to-use analytical interface. Analysts can review specific network packets and sessions before, during, and after an attack. By reconstructing and visualizing the events triggering malware download or callback, your security team can respond effectively and swiftly to prevent recurrence. They can also expand visibility into attacker activity by decoding protocols typically used to laterally spread attacks in a network. This unique combination of high-performance packet capture and in-depth analytics helps your organization quickly recognize and monitor every element of an attack.

Take your network security to the next level

The safety and well-being of your network is crucial to your company’s success. It’s the key to keeping your employees productive and your customers satisfied.

With innovative network protection delivered on-premises or in the cloud, you can always stay one step ahead of constantly evolving attacks. So steer clear of cyberbreaches and the consequences they bring—from fines to frustrations to headlines—with Trellix Network Security.

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